Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Restraunts & Resorts

Our unique experience and expertise marketing for our hospitality clients gives an unmatched service.

Marketing & Advertising Agency for the Hospitality Industry

We are a marketing agency serving the hospitality & tourism industry which includes hotel, restaurants & resorts.

We have a wide range of digital marketing services to help you grow your hotel and book more customers from branding, SEO to PPC.

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Our Methodology

Each area has a robust scope managed by a dedicated resource on the TechnoBuddy team. We take things a step further and integrate our stack with your current reservations software and analytics tools in order to provide a complete 360 degree view on the guest experience as it relates to digital marketing.

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Organic Search Marketing & Content Strategy

We deploy a tactical approach to SEO which ensures our clients position themselves as a premier hospitality offering as viewed by any searching consumer. Our Organic SEO offering covers four core elements: an analysis & hotelier goals phase, on-site technical optimization, content marketing, and SEO outreach & link-building. The processes and efficiencies within our SEO delivery is what has made us Award-Winning for our SEO in the hospitality vertical.

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Online Visibility

We help your property get found by the right customer. We will help you build and maintain your hotel’s identity in the digital world. A strong online presence helps to maintain a brand’s online reputation and builds trust among the guests.

Online Reputation Management

To keep the online reputation healthy and positive, vigilance is required. A careful watch over conversations and comments by audience on business is the key. This leads to solid endorsements and damage control and thus business.

OTA Management

We manage our client’s online hotel booking channels in a complete and effective manner. The effort is to monitor pricing and offers that result in a good RevPAR. We optimize prices, analyze competitors and increase hotel revenue.

Hotel Website Design and Development

An effective website page pays attention to design, logic, emphasis, flow of information and ease of use. We create super effective websites from the scratch and maintain them.

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